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Brandeis University's Community Newspaper — Waltham, Mass.

About Us

The Hoot was established in 2005 as a community newspaper written about, by, and for the members of the Brandeis community. Since the paper’s founding, The Hoot’s growth as a newspaper – doubling in size since its inception – reflects its immediate influence on the Brandeis community. Articles from The Hoot are read worldwide and have been cited by national media outlets including National Public Radio.

The Hoot publishes every Friday during the semester and distributes the newspaper throughout the Brandeis campus and Waltham area.

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Editorial Board

Andrew Elmers
Dana Trismen
Phone: (781) 330-0051

Section Editors
Victoria Aronson, Senior Managing Editor
Theresa Gaffney, Managing Editor
Emily Belowich, News Editor
Jess Linde, News Editor
Mia Edelstein, Senior Copy Editor
Julie Landy, Senior Copy Editor
Allison Plotnik, Copy Editor
Sasha Ruiz, Senior Layout Editor
Michelle Kim, Arts
Kevin Healey, Opinions
Sarah Jousset, Sports
Zach Phil Schwartz, Website Editor
Zak Kolar, Website Editor
Linjie Xu, Graphics Editor

Deputy Section Editors
Jacob Edelman, Features
Charlotte Aaron, News
Hannah Schuster, News
Emily Smith, Hoot Scoops

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Founded By,
Leslie Pazan, Igor Pedan and Daniel Silverman