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  • LETTER: Complaints should be taken to the source

    By The Brandeis Hoot
    April 15, 2005
    Section: Opinions

    To the Editor:

    While I respect Michael Goldsteins opinions wholeheartedly, I would like to point out that I find the publication of his critiques in the Hoot underhanded. As the Brandeis campus has two competing weekly newspapers, it is easy to argue between them. However, it is by no means appropriate to criticize the writing in one newspaper in a feature article in the other. From my understanding, the Justice is very fair in publishing responses to their reviews. Michael Goldstein has every right to be disappointed in and disagree with the reviews published in the Justice, however it is not appropriate for him to respond in a competing newspaper. I hope the Hoot does not allow for the publication of such barbs at the Justice in the future.

    Matt Rogers 08

    Editor's Note: Recent Justice policy forbids columns that address specific points in other Justice articles. The Justice also generally rejects letters longer than 400 words and columns longer than 800 words. Michael Goldstein's Op-Ed was 1570 words in length.

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